Body (Asana)

Yoga asana (the physical postures) promote joint and muscle flexibility as well as building strength and preventing injury and joint breakdown keeping your body healthier for longer. We practice asana in harmony with the breath to create an overall healthy body, free of aches and pains.

Breath (Pranayama)

The breath is our lifeforce and we can use it to clear and cleanse the enture respiratory system, to tone and strengthen the circulatory and digestive systems, make us feel energised and strong but at the same time can make us feel calm and in control.

Mind (Meditation)

The benefits of working with your mind are endless. Working with your mind benefits you from helping with stress reduction, to helping you to relax or to sleep better, or even helping you to focus and stay calm, and generally making you a happier person overall!

What’s New?

Peaceful Pregnancy Retreat

Most of us lead incredibly busy lives. The pressures to “keep up” in terms of social media etc are adding to the bombardment of our minds and senses. And when you find out you are expecting many of us start to come under even more pressure. his can lead to levels of stress and even anxiety that just aren’t good for us, or baby. So one of the reasons we started Peaceful Pregnancy was to teach our mum’s the forgotten art of relaxation. Find out more here



Yoga has played a vital role in my life especially since taking up rugby, it's been an absolute must to undo the aches & pains I've picked up on the rugby field. It also settles my mind and de-stresses after a long day at work leaving me feeling revived and calm.

Marie BP

Moira is the best yoga teacher I have ever practiced with. She has inspired me to practice regularly. It has definitely helped my flexibility and seems to help me sleep.

Clair Mc

Your class is the highlight of my week, it's made me feel fitter mentally as well as "me" time

Sheila Rose

I can honestly say that your yoga classes contributed hugely to having such a good pregnancy and having a good mental attitude for labour. I went from being terrified of childbirth to looking forward to it! I will definitely be back for the next one!