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To book a consultation please use the contact form, email or message through the Yoga With Moira Facebook Group.
Common complaints that Ayurveda can help with:
Stress & Anxiety, Insomnia, Arthritis, Menopause, Inflammatory conditions, Coughs and Colds, Fatigue and low energy
If you are unsure about what Ayurveda can do for you, give Moira a call for a no-obligation chat.


A 1-2-1 confidential consultation will determine what your dosha is, where you are in terms of Prakriti and Vikriti and what problems you are facing – physical and emotional. This will last between an hour and an hour and a half and will include:

  • Darshana or direct observation i.e. looking at the tongue diagnosis,observing your physical appearance, voice observation etc.
  • Sparsana or touch which means pulse diagnosis, observing the texture and temperature of your skin, heart and breathing rate etc.
  • Prasana  which will be a chat where I will find out more about you and your lifestyle.


Your typical Ayurvedic “prescription” will be a unique combination of:

  • Diet – making changes to what and when you eat to addresse agni and ama.
  • Herbs – herbs will be suggested both in cooking to address imbalances and as medicine.
  • Lifestyle  – a combination of yoga, meditation and exercise to help your energy levels and address your therapeutic needs.
    Cost (Introductory investment)
    Initial consultation – £50
    Follow up appointments – £30.