I’m so glad I had the benefit of your support in two pregnancies. It was a blissful time out each week and helped so much when D Day arrived. Thank you.

J, Dumfries

I noticed I’m much less bloated. Thanks for all your support and encouragement.

A, Edinburgh (Ayurveda Short Home Cleanse)

Thank you so much for presenting the session on Saturday, I thoroughly enjoyed it. I found the presentation on Ayurveda informative and inspirational. You have a lovely gift of presenting knowledge in a down to earth, humerous and personal manner. Please can we have more!

W, Annan (Yoga and Ayurveda for the Menopause workshop participant)

Thank you so much Moira! Both my births wouldn’t have been what they were without you.

K, Lochmaben

Thank you for guiding me through the cleanse. It worked perfectly post our consultation and I’ve come away from it with an improved awareness.

J, Thornhill

Moira gave me a series of Kati Vasti (lower back) treatments to help relieve the inflammation and pain in my lower back. I found the experience both soothing and comforting. I felt I got benefit from the actual Vasti treatment and from the caring, warm and attentive way in which she carried out the treatment. A holistic experience which I can recommend wholeheartedly.

J, Dumfries 

All my bloating has gone! Happy dance!

B, Dalbeattie (Ayurveda Short Home Cleanse)

Moira is the best yoga teacher I have ever practiced with. She has inspired me to practice regularly. It has definitely helped my flexibility and seems to help me sleep.

Clair Mc

Thank you so much for the Kati Vasti treatment and back massage yesterday, it was gorgeous. I floated around the supermarket feeling like and relaxed. I have no pain in my back at all today and am still feeling nice and relaxed.

K, Thornhill 

Your class is the highlight of my week, it’s made me feel fitter mentally as well as physically..my “me” time

S, Annan

I can honestly say that your yoga classes contributed hugely to having such a good pregnancy and having a good mental attitude for labour. I went from being terrified of childbirth to looking forward to it! I will definitely be back for the next one!


Yoga has played a vital role in my life especially since taking up rugby, it’s been an absolute must to undo the aches & pains I’ve picked up on the rugby field. It also settles my mind and de-stresses after a long day at work leaving me feeling revived and calm.

M, Annan

The yoga has helped me so much throughout my pregnancy to keep calm and bond with my baby. I loved all the sessions!

V, Castle Dougals

Many thank for all you do for us your grateful students!

N, Dumfries

Thanks for all your words of wisdom and wonderful yoga!

Z, Moffat

It definitely helped that I went into labour with a more positive frame of mind…but actually I think what helped most was understaning the physiology of birth….the last month (I practiced) a daily yoga routine every night and I hav no doubt this helped Ailsa be in the right position for birth but also helped me build up my muscles and have more strength and ability to move around…..thank you for giving me a truly happier birthing experience…x

K, Dumfries

Throughly enjoyed my pregnancy yoga – keep doing what you do!

V, Dumfries

I have had a few yoga teachers on and off through the years and I have to say that I have enjoyed your classes more than all of them combined.

C, Annan

I initially joined Moira’s yoga class as a way to stretch my aching muscles whilst training for a marathon. However, I didn’t appreciate the mental, as well as physical, benefits of yoga. In Moira’s friendly and laid-back classes I achieve a level of relaxation that I never thought possible and I can’t recommend them highly enough.

C, Annan

Each time I return to Moira’s class after a lapse due to ‘life getting in the way’ I wonder why the heck it took me so long to return! I always leave Moira’s classes so much lighter spiritually and mentally!

J, Annan

I just love going to yoga. It is bliss just listening to Moira’s instructions and not having to think yourself or what the next thing might be. One and a half hours of ‘me’ time. Come away feeling great.


Yoga really helped with the birth of my 3rd baby. Using breathing techniques to zone out and breathe through the discomfort, only a couple of puffs of gas and air were needed. I felt so much more in control of my body than I had previously done in my other two births. She has also gave me information on how to ease pregnancy pains and niggles through moving my body in different ways thus not putting weight on affected areas etc. In day to day life the relaxation and breathing techniques have helped me greatly in times of anxiety. I cannot thank Moira enough.


I can honestly say that your yoga classes contributed hugely to having such a good pregnancy and having a good mental attitude for labour. I went from being terrified of childbirth to looking forward to it! I will definitely be back for the next one!


Thank you so much for all the yoga/breathing that you taught me, it helped so much in labour and I ended up having a very natural, calm and relaxed birth.


To be completely truthful I didn’t realise the full benefit of the yoga I had been doing until I was in labour. I went along week after week. Often feeling very relaxed post yoga and enjoying the social side of meeting other mums-to-be. When I was in labour it was all systems go! I remember thinking I had to try and stay on my feet as long as I could. (I’m pretty sure I could hear Moira telling me to let gravity help me with the task at hand) I drew lots of figures of 8 with my hips. I remembered most of the breathing exercises which were immensely helpful during established labour. My contractions didn’t have a build up and down. They were one after another but I focused on each breath instead and it really helped keep me calm. I am adamant that yoga was the foundation of a 4 hour labour, start to finish.