Pre-natal yoga doesn’t guarantee your perfect, angels singing, non-intervention birth, but it increases the chances of you having a birth you will remember positively, and helps you prepare both mentally and physically so that you can go into this amazing next phase in your life primed.

With practice, the breathing techniques and physical movements will become second nature and will kick in insitinctively just when you need them, all through life.

Peaceful Pregnancy is me with Pregnancy Yoga, and my buddy, Catherine Jackson, who is a qualified Hypnobirthing practitioner since 2004, working with couples to achieve a calm, relaxed birth. Together we are Peaceful Pregnancy in Dumfries & Galloway.

I so wish I had had yoga in my life when I went through my three pregnancies…it would have been a whole different experience for me both during the pregnancies themselves (which I loved by the way), but also in preparation for labour, birth and beyond. And that’s why I undertook the British Wheel of Yoga Pre-and Postnatal Pregnancy Yoga Teacher training – to allow all you lovely yoga-mammas out there the opportunity to reap its benefits.

Class Details

Where and When: 6.30 – 7.45pm, Mondays, Becky Rose Studio, First Floor, Carmont House, Crichton Campus, Dumfries. This is a beautiful, intimate space for small groups.

Cost: £8 drop-in or £35 for a class pass of 5 classes

Find out more at the Peaceful Pregnancy Facebook page here. To make a Pregnancy Yoga enquiry contact me.


Asana Yoga

The physical aspects of yoga connect you to the changes in your body, learn to move and breathe with these changes and alleviate any negative physical changes before they become debilitating.

Many of the yoga asana we use are useful in labour and as well as useful birthing positions.


The breathwork we use in yoga will teach you amazing practices that can be used throughout labour and birth to lessen the need for intervention for a much more natural birth plan and delivery.

During pregnancy, breathing can help you relax, sleep or give an energy boost when you need it.


Meditation helps you to bond with your baby before you even meet, helps to calm any fears or worries you might have so that you can prepare mentally for birth and motherhood. 

Meditation is a powerful life tool that you can use into life beyond pregnancy and labour.


We always end each class with a deep relaxation… so important during pregnancy and labour to ensure you are balanced hormonally so you and baby can be totally chilled and in control.

We teach a number of relaxation techniques to help you find one that works for you.