Most of us lead incredibly busy lives. Work, families, other commitments. We’ve gone from being “human-beings” to “human-doings”, cramming as much productivity into our days as we can, making use of every waking minute. Sound familiar? The pressures to “keep up” in terms of social media etc are adding to the bombardment of our minds and senses. And when you find out you are expecting many of us start to come under even more pressure. It sometimes seems like your pregnancy belongs to everyone around you and if you are working you might find that there are expectations for you to keep up the same level of performance, even though your body and mind may be telling you otherwise! This can lead to levels of stress and even anxiety that just aren’t good for us, or baby. So one of the reasons we started Peaceful Pregnancy was to teach our mum’s the forgotten art of relaxation. And believe me, many of us truly struggle to fully relax. It’s not sitting on the sofa in front of a box set. You are still using your mind and senses to connect with the screen in front. True relaxation involves connecting to the subconscious and, in the words of yoga philosophy, we “calm the busy mind”. Working with the body we ease out any tension, work through aches and grumbles so your muscles can relax. Then using visualisation, meditation, mindfulness techniques and more, we can help the whole of your parasympathetic nervous system (the “relaxation response” to you and I) to kick in. And then you can just let go….

Why is that so important? Well, if you are relaxed your baby is relaxed. Babies are conscious beings in the womb and they feel what you feel so if you are relaxed, baby is relaxed. It can lower blood pressure, enable you to you sleep better and generally help you cope with all that life and pregnancy can throw at you. And we have carefully chosen the venue for our pregnancy retreat for that purpose – away from the hustle and bustle of our towns and cities, fresh sea air and complete solitude so that for a couple of days you can just be you – nothing to think about, nothing to be responsible for, other than the health and wellbeing of you and your baby. And we hope that you will take this back home with you so that you can enjoy the remainder of your pregnancy and take some of our teachings into birth and beyond.

We look forward to welcoming you to the Peaceful Pregnancy retreat this September. For more information click here.

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