Peaceful Pregnancy in
Dumfries and Galloway

Practice the mastery of pregnancy yoga to help you through pregnancy, birth and beyond using physical postures, breathing practices, meditation and relaxation techniques.

I so wish I had had yoga in my life when I went through my three pregnancies…it would have been a whole different experience for me both during the pregnancies themselves (which I loved by the way), but also in preparation for labour, birth and beyond.

That’s why I undertook the British Wheel of Yoga Pre-and Postnatal Pregnancy Yoga Teacher training – to allow all you lovely yoga-mammas out there the opportunity to reap its benefits.

About Peaceful Pregnancy

Prepare your mind for a more relaxing pregnancy and birth

Pre-natal yoga doesn’t guarantee your perfect, angels singing, non-intervention birth, but it increases the chances of you having a birth you will remember positively, and helps you prepare both mentally and physically so that you can go into this amazing next phase in your life primed.

With practice, the breathing techniques and physical movements will become second nature and will kick in instinctively just when you need them, all through life.


Meditation helps you to bond with your baby before you even meet, helps to calm any fears or worries you might have so that you can prepare mentally for birth and motherhood. And is a powerful life tool that you can use into life beyond pregnancy.


Yoga and Hypnobirthing

Peaceful Pregnancy is me with Pregnancy Yoga, and my buddy, Catherine Jackson, who is a qualified Hypnobirthing practitioner since 2004, working with couples to achieve a calm, relaxed birth. Together we are Peaceful Pregnancy in Dumfries & Galloway.


We always end each class with a deeeeeepppppp relaxation… so important during pregnancy and labour to ensure you are balanced hormonally so you and baby can be totally chilled and in control. But its not easy for everyone in our busy lives so we teach a number of relaxation techniques to help you find one that works for you.

About the class

The physical aspects of yoga (the asana) help you to connect to the changes in your body and help you learn to move and breathe with these changes and make sure you alleviate and become aware of any negative physical changes before they become debilitating. Many of the yoga asana we use are useful in labour and as birthing positions.

The breathwork we use in yoga (the pranayama), will teach you amazing practices that can be used in labour and birth to lessen the need for intervention. But during pregnancy the breath can help you relax and sleep or give you an energy boost when you need it.

Testimonials from my students

Yoga really helped with the birth of my 3rd baby. Using breathing techniques to zone out and breathe through the discomfort, only a couple of puffs of gas and air were needed. I felt so much more in control of my body than I had previously done in my other two births. She has also gave me information on how to ease pregnancy pains and niggles through moving my body in different ways thus not putting weight on affected areas etc. In day to day life the relaxation and breathing techniques have helped me greatly in times of anxiety. I cannot thank Moira enough.

- Christine -

To be completely truthful I didn’t realise the full benefit of the yoga I had been doing until I was in labour. I went along week after week. Often feeling very relaxed post yoga and enjoying the social side of meeting other mums-to-be. I remembered most of the breathing exercises which were immensely helpful during established labour. My contractions didn’t have a build up and down. They were one after another but I focused on each breath instead and it really helped keep me calm. I am adamant that yoga was the foundation of a 4 hour labour, start to finish.!

- Claire -

It definitely helped that I went into labour with a more positive frame of mind…but actually I think what helped most was understaning the physiology of birth….the last month (I practiced) a daily yoga routine every night and I hav no doubt this helped Ailsa be in the right position for birth but also helped me build up my muscles and have more strength and ability to move around…..thank you for giving me a truly happier birthing experience

- Z. Moffat -
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