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This is where I will advertise my Ayurveda clinic days and workshops.

I also regularly run longer practices, weekend events and the odd yoga outing, as well as promote events by other teachers in and around Dumfries and Galloway so pop back here regularly to see what’s new.

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Saturday 26th March 2022 09:00 - 15:00
The Wellness Hub, Galloway House, Crichton

Eat Better - The Ayurveda Way 


  • Eat according to your unique constitution (dosha)
  • Understand the impact of our environment and the seasons on our digestion.
  • Have a look at common kitchen herbs.
  • Make a simple digestive tea and tridoshic dish
  • Use asana and pranayama to support digestion.

Investment: £40

Bring your own lunch, a mug, a mat and a blanket.

No previous knowledge of Yoga or Ayurveda necessary. 

Contact, or text/phone 07842268657 to book a space.