27th September to 1st October 2021

When we start to feel out of sorts. When we wake up feeling like we still need to sleep. When we feel “bunged up” and bloated. When we are having issues like spotty skin. When our bowel movement are just not right – too much or too little. All of these signs, and more, tell us that our digestive systems are not functioning at their best. And one of the ways to get it back on track is through an Ayurvedic cleanse. I have been offering group, supported cleanses for a couple of years now. If you think this might be what you need then read on……..

Why is now the time for a cleanse?
You can cleanse at any time of the year when your health requires it but Ritucharya, according to Ayurveda, is the important space between the seasons when cleansing is most effective. The spaces between summer and autumn, and winter and spring seasons are the best times to have a clear out – of body and mind! Its the perfect time in our calendar to have a reset to improve energy, increase strength, and boost immunity. An Ayurvedic cleanse serves to rest and purify the digestive system so that as we move from the light and easy diet of summer towards the more nourishing, heavier foods of the autumn harvest, it gives us a chance to clear out any excess pitta (fire) built up from the summer’s heat and prepare us to enter into the colder and darker months, physically and emotionally. If we don’t prepare then we leave ourselves open to a weakening of our immune system and catching of seasonal diseases. The colder, drier months of autumn tend to manifest themselves in the form of colds. And this is usually because of a build up of ama (toxins) that prevents nourishment getting through to our tissues. A cleanse will clear out ama, allowing nourishment to get through to where its needed, improving the function of our digestive system, and, along with a yoga practice, we should emerge from the process feeling alive, refreshed, and able to enter the colder months reinvigorated.

Who should join the cleanse?
• Anyone who has joined me on a cleanse before is welcome to participate again.
• Anyone who feels the need for a reset (feeling lethargic, bloated, lack of interest in food, getting sick etc).
• Anyone who is struggling emotionally at the thought of shorter, colder days.
• Anyone who appreciates the value of Ayurveda’s daily rituals.
• All Ayurveda constitutions (we will ensure everyone is profiled and make any adjustments to food, or daily habits accordingly).
• Anyone who feels better and stronger in a supported group environment.
• Anyone who wants to put themselves first and values the importance of “me”.

Who is this cleanse not for?
We will make sure that everyone is prepared and able to take part through the preparatory stages of this cleanse, but if you are pregnant or suspect you may be pregnant, if you are immediately post-natal or are breastfeeding, if you are recovering from surgery or serious illness, or if you have any underlying health conditions that I determine would not enable you to benefit from a cleanse, I will advise you to hold off on this occasion.

Why do this cleanse?
• Many of us have over-indulged during COVID, and then gone crazy as soon as we were let out to play and that might have left us feeling a little bit bunged up, due to sluggish digestion which may also have resulted in weight gain.
• Its an opportunity to put yourself in the spotlight. If you don’t look after yourself how can you look after others? Put your own health and wellbeing first!
• It will reset your agni (digestion) so you are able to process your food better.
• You will refresh your taste buds so food is more pleasurable.
• And as a result you will have more energy.
• The daily routines will help you feel grounded as we move into Vata season and this will set you up for winter.
• Experiencing brain fog? A cleanse can make you feel lighter and brighter.
• You will enjoy cooking and meal planning again and fall in love with food – you should never feel starving hungry on a cleanse but will re-connect to the feeling of hunger and your digestive capacity.
• You will be part of a likeminded and supportive group which will make this cleanse a pleasure.
• There will be daily yoga and meditation practices that will give you time and space to yourself to just “be”.

How much will it cost?
As this is the first group cleanse post-COVID the investment will be only £25 (excluding any postage costs) and this will include;
1. Your guidance notes to keep you on track and for future use, including recipes and meal suggestions.
2. Daily online group chats to share experiences, ask questions, and feel supported.
3. Your cleanse pack which will include the digestive herbs you will need.
4. Access to a private Facebook group for caring and sharing!
5. A part of your investment will go to supporting The Mango Wisdom School in India.

How do I take part?
You will need a few days to get things ready so I would like to have folks booked, confirmed and paid by Friday 17th September when we will have an intro chat to take you through everything and answer any questions, in advance of the cleanse process beginning on Monday 27th. I will be limiting spaces to keep it cosy so please ensure you are committed to the process before getting in touch.

Need more convincing? Here is what some the Spring Group Cleansers had to say…

“Glorious! Feeling Good… chuffed with myself” “I am enjoying the wee taste explosions I am having!”

“Not as hard as I thought to cut out sugar, fats and caffeine!” “Its not been easy for me, but its been an eye-opener!”

“Showed me that my sugar addiction is real. For this reason I would consider doing the cleanse again”

“I’ve had 11 different fruit and veg today!” “Will now put your recommendations into practice”

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