It is during adversity when one can really make a big difference. But making a difference is not about being a big hero. It is simply about leaving the bathroom a little cleaner going out than when you came in"

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May 2017 ...Hey yogis...I donated £200 of class fees to Cancer Research this week and we raised another £75 in raffle tickets (voucher was won by a lady from Annan. .details on the Perfect Retreat Annan Facebook page ). So a massive shout out to you all! Am off to the Yoga Shed to plan a wonderful practice for you to say thanks!

May 2017 - For all you niggly backs out there. ..don't hold on to tension and fear. slowly and consciously. ..but serious back complaints seek medical advice and chat 1-2-1 with your yoga practitioner for appropriate asana.


May 2016 - and the sun is out and my yoga shed is being aired!

May 2016 - Was honoured to be asked to lead a practice at the Yoga for Nepal day in Dumfries organised by Jill Dobbie. £2880 raised for two worthy orphananges in Nepal.


April 2016 - Hey yogis! Am back in the real world after an amazing weekend with James D'Angelo and the Healing Power of vocal Sound on the most beautiful Holy Isle. My chakra are tuned, my meridians open and active, I am hoarse, chilled and meditated out. Met some wonderful people from all over the world and experienced more of the beauty and natural power of this gorgeous country. The weekend was a gift from my friends and shows they know me so well. Loved every second and love them too (you know who you are!) Buttons are now on reset....and thank you Gordon for the book for company. Highly recommend it! Am floating into the week ahead....Om Shanti. . X

It's a blowy, dark night out there but Rocky and I are cosy in the yoga shed planning this week's practice......shanti..shanti...shanti...

15th November 2015

We had a baby shower yesterday for my gorgeous niece... American bizarre thing for a baby not born yet (I'm Scottish. .what can I say??) BUT putting all that aside all her friends and family got together and played games, ate food and had cake and celebrated this new life to come.. so American drivel aside what a lovely day. And it was my honour and karma yoga to provide the food for a fabulous occasion. . What's your karma yoga? ? X

10th November 2015 - What a lovely weekend at Allanton...Fabulous retreat with Swami Pragyamurti. ..yes. .a real swami mammy in Dumfries and Galloway! Wonderful relaxing, grounding weekend with great people. Practiced Kunjal (Google it!)for the first time....back to reality fully charged!

28th Feb 2015- Well Being  Day, Allanton House, Auldgirth

A opportunity to treat ourselves to a day of relaxation, with activities to nourish our ‘Well Being’ and our connection to nature and the changing seasons. Ideas on what to include for future days are welcome. Places are limited and on a first come first serve basis. If you would like to attend please confirm by the 21st February, with a suggested contribution of £10 to help cover our costs.
Programme for the Day
9.30 Herb teas/teas/Japanese green tea/and coffee for the needy
10.00 – 11.00 Yoga/Relaxation (beginners and mixed abilities)
11.00 – 11.30 Break with Green smoothies! Mmmmm
11.30 – 12.00 Nia dancing with Lucy tbc
12.30 – 1.30 Healthy pot-luck lunch (We will contribute a nourishing garden soup)
1.30 – 3.00 ‘Time for You’ including a meditation and nature activity (if weather OK)
3.00 Break
3.30 – 4.00 Flag Ceremony (send out Your Well Being to the rest of the World)

Please contact us at Allanton Sanctuary, Auldgirth, Dumfries DG2 0RY
Telephone 01387 740642


Jan 2015 - Spot the difference....this is a spoof of a very watched video so you can compare and contrast! a real person doing yoga like we all do! We wobble, we fall, and we still love it!!! hope it makes you laugh!

watch  then this..... 

Jan 2015 - Had a fabulous day yesterday with two other Dumfries yogis at the Carlisle Yoga studio for an afternoon of Daoist Yang Yoga with Rebecca Shepherd. Quite different and yet the same as the Hindu-based yoga we practice this was steeped in Chinese medicine. Based around the concept of the flying dragon we moved, we swooped, we balanced, we twisted and rocked our way through 3 hours of wonderful yoga. Rebecca is happy to pop over the Solway to introduce more D&G yogis to Yin and Yang yoga. Anyone up for it? She was a lovely, comical teacher. Great way to spend a rainy, blowy Sunday afternoon!

8th December 2014 - Who Owns Yoga? - Yoga is India's gift to the world....whilst in the West we gravitate to the physical aspects of yoga (the asana), traditionally it is practiced by men who have renounced all their wordly goods in order to study yoga - the philosophy and moral teachings with the path of meditation leading to eventual enlightenment their goal. Took me a good few years to switch on to this - that yoga is not an exercise class but a way of life - and I continue to cringe at all ...the (mainly American) yoga trends that pop up (naked yoga, yogalates, yoga boxing.....da da da da.....). This is an excellent film going through all these different perceptions and to be one "owns" yoga...Through the physical practice, muscles are strengthened and limbs are stretched, but as Yoga practitioners become devoted to the physical practice their relationship with Yoga inevitably grows in tandem and takes on incremental meaning and effect. The practice becomes far from simply physical its something we live on and off the mat. So watch this film...make your own mind up...and come back to your mat maybe a little refreshed.... 

December 2014 - Quote of the week from Roald Dahl.....


This week our pranayama was one of my favourites - Kapalabhati (shining skull). Take practice and patience to get it right but when you do you'll see the benefits without my telling you. Not for those with high blood pressure or expectant mums. This chappie has a lovely was of explaining in..."I won't bore you with the benefits...go read some books"..legend.


Wednesday 15th October ...we're adding on another Yoga for Pregnancy class due to rising demand and a pretty full Thursday class. The new class will start on ...Monday the 27th October, from 5.30 til 6.45. Until we have a more permanent home we will be using the vacant offices on the top floor of the Franklin Steel Building in Heathhall Industrial estate. Lots of parking, its lovely and warm, and has clean and fabulous toilets! What more could pregnant ladies look for? Easy to find  - not far from the Tesco roundabout.


Got the Yoga Shed looking just how I want it! Blissed out baby!


We're deepening our practice by applying the 8-limbs of yoga starting with the Yama (restraints) This article explains it better than I could!

      February 2014 - Dumfriesshire Yogis Fly in Carlisle. Here are some cool photos from our ariel yoga workshop put on by the lovely people at Purple Lotus Yoga Studio

22.01.14 This week the ascending force our asana will focus on moving energy from the heart to the head with postures such as shoulderstand. Allez oop! they say!


HOT YOGA CLASS AND YIN YOGA WORKSHOP - SUNDAY 1st DECEMBER Hot Yoga starts at 10am Yin Yoga starts at 1pm - The Purple Lotus, Kinmont Barn, Treasury Court, Carlisle CA3 8RF
To book telephone 07925 236241

5.09.13 Carol Godridge Workshops - a reminder for those that want to deepen their practice and have (ideally) been practicing yoga for two years - that these half day workshops are taking place on the following dates from 10am until 1pm. Saturday 5th October, 2nd November and 7th december. Contact Carol to book a place of for more information -

24.09.13 Sahasrara - the crown chakra and the focus for this week. Where all our energies converge and we achieve enlightenment! Or at least that's the longterm plan anyway. But as one of the most powerful chakra we must honour it with the king of asana...sirshasana - the headstand...but don't go into meltdown and refuse to come out of your cupboard...we will be practicing preparatory asana to prepare for headstand, focussing on sahasrara. But you might surprise yourself....

02.09.13 Interested in exploring meditation further? Jackie le Brocq offers guided meditation on Mondays at Cresswell Community Centre once a fortnight. You don't need any experience and its lovely to practice in a room with others who have either done a lot of meditation..or none at all. Dates for the sessions are 2nd Sep, 30th Sep, 21st October, 4 November, 18 November, 2 December and 16th December. 5.45 til around 7. There is now hard evidence that meditation can cut stress, newspapers reported October 10 2007. The Daily Mail said that “five short sessions of meditation could be enough to help us achieve piece of mind”.

A wee study undertaken recently by the Daily Telegraph reported that “after meditation training of 20 minutes once a day for only five days, people, had measurably less anxiety and lower levels of the stress hormone cortisol”. The papers said that levels of anxiety, depression, anger, and fatigue had also gone down. and do you know what? Its just nice to sit and chill for an hour before going home and tackling the ironing! Om shanti...

22.08.13 Moving through the Chakra with the focus on Swadisthana, the Sacral Chakra. Located at the base of the spine it governs all that is fluid in the body and controls our sensuality and sexuality so lots of postures focusing on hips, pelvis and lower easy on the mugs of tea before you come this week...lots of water chat....

07.06.13 Yoga and Walking Day with Jackie Le Brocq in the Moffat Hills. Sunday 14th July, 10am til 4pm, consists of a morning of lovely yoga, lunch and then a stroll in the hills. I can highly recommend these days. Jackie is a lovely teacher and its good to meet other yogis in a nice environment, cost £22. contact Jackie if interested on 01683 220981 or email

2.05.13 Lots on news about strokes and how it affects the family of the victim. Lovely story this morning about a wife, whose husband had a stroke at a young age, and she said it was yoga that helped her cope with the shock and gave her strength to help his recovery. Really heartening story.

Carol Godridge Spring Seminar Dumfries 26th May - A day seminar at the Crichton entitled "Summer Sun and Prana Flowing". Details on Carol's new website  or contact her on Tel 01848 200681 or

20.03.13 - Free Yoga Classes for Pregnancy! I am looking for some lovely pregnant ladies to help me with my British Wheel of Yoga Pregnancy Yoga Teacher Training, so if you or anyone you know is pregnant then please feel free to ask them to get in touch.

18.03.13 - Where will you be on Tuesday 23rd April? If you've read my newsletter (and if you haven't WHY NOT?) you'll know I'll be bumping my Clarencefield ladies (might encourage them to have a class outing!) and will be going to the Robert Burns Centre to see this film. Can't wait....

22.02.13Have just bought a wonderful piece of music for the classes. When I first heard it I found it so moving and grounding and incredibly powerful for my own practice. Click on the You Tube link to hear the Devi Prayer and see what you think.

14.01.13 Awakening the Spine - the theme for this week. We are all too sedentary in the depths of winter so this week we will be working with taking the spine in all of its flexions and rotations to stimulate and strengthen. ~And with the spine freed you shoul notice a change in your breath as it too is released. You might even be in touch with muscles you haven't connected to for a while!

10.01.13 - First week of teaching of  New Year really enjoyable. New and old faces and lots of enthusiasm. Is that just New Year syndrome or will we see more people making yoga part of their lives? Great turnout at Annan so the new venue and time seems to suit.  Very happy yoga teacher...........

04.01.13 Happy New Year to you all and here's to a yoga-filled 2013!! Classes start up again next week and a wee reminder that Annan is condensing and moving to a new time of 6.30 til 8.00pm. We are looking for a bigger venue and so watch the Class Timetable page or the Facebook page (Yoga With Moira) for details. We will be starting the year with a nice gentle stretch to get all the turkey and tinsel our of your joints and bones but we will pick the pace up as the weeks go on! Looking forward to seeing some old and new faces and to sharing yoga with you in 2013....

12.12.12 - I'll see some of you this week but I know there are some who are busy wrapping themselves in tinsel and cellotape, going to parties (jealous face) or just having a good time so if I don't see you this week have a fabulous Christmas and New Year. Stuff your face with Quality Street, slouch infront on the telly watching repeats of Downton and have my permission to chillax......but remember to do your practice! Look forward to seeing old and new faces in the New Year - all classes start up again week beginning 7th January. On shanti!

12.12.12 Its the last week of the term and have been planning some fun stuff to end what has been a great 4 months! Here are some snaps Clair kindly took of some of my Clarencefield yogis last night. Love them - they are game for anything and we had a right laugh. Its the only time you will ever see Jackie and Paul in this position! 

3.12.12 Meant to post that I had an enlightening retreat with former American punk-turned Zen buddhist, Brad Warner, the other weekend. He is pretty frank-talking I can tell you which was so refreshing. The weekend consisted of hours and hours of zazen meditation - sitting staring at a wall - which I had mixed feeling about but thats for another day. I was sent this when I got back which made me smile. Hope it makes you smile too.


Local teacher Carol Godridge has developed 5 Satyananda Yoga CDs for home practice ;
• Yoga Nidra: 3 practices for first and second year students
• Yoga Nidra: 2 practices for more experienced students
• Meditation: 3 different practices
£7 + £1 p&p.
• Asana and Pranayama: pawanmuktasana and asana sequence for beginners
• Asana and Pranayama: surya namaskar (sun salute) with chants and asana sequence for first year students
£5 + £1 p&p

These can be purchased directly from Carol, Ben Doran, Ayr Street, Moniaive, Dumfriesshire DG3 4HW. Tel. 01848 200681



Here are some comments people have made about their experiences of yoga....

"I feel great this morning and slept like a baby! Definitely feel better fo doing yoga and really enjoy the class!" Hayley

" I had a much better night's sleep last night, feel less nauseous and more awake today" David

"I am practicing the Egyptian Sun Salutation and Swan Dives (more like ugly duckling dives!!). Thanks for the classes - I am thoroughly enjoying them. Sue

"Really like your newsletter and its great to be kept up to date with things that are happening locally. I like the fact that in classes you seem to have an endless supply of new things to take to the class! You never know what you're going to come up with next!....sorry I keep falling asleep!! Clair

"Just want to let you know how much I love your new newsletter and also how much I enjoy your yoga classes. In fact after one of your classes I painted a painting of a calm peaceful person doing a yoga posture. Looking forward to the next class already." Cathryn

"Was thinking about booking another appointment with the osteopath but another couple of classes like last night should sort me out. My back feels great!" Paula

"After my first yoga class last night I had the best sleep ever!" Julie

"Just a quick note to say how much I enjoyed your class last night. I can feel a few new muscles this morning !" Clair

"I am now very conscious of my breathing and how I hold myself on a daily basis" Jane

 (Photo from the Buddha Grove at Lendrick Lodge retreat on the banks fo Loch Venachar) A lovely mix of modern music and yoga... love this kind of stuff.
09.08.13 My wee indulgence...bought a singing bowl...

19.09.13 Am still buzzing after tonight's classes so picked up a magazine and am reading an interview with a food writer. He says the way to great cooking is patience, practice and presence. To my mind its the same with our yoga practice. You have to practice mindfully, you can't expect immediate amazing results - it takes time - and you have to develop a home practice. One class a week ain't gonna do it....think on yogis....
02.09.13 - Yoga for Pregnancy starts in the Pilates Studio Terregles Street Dumfries this Thursday the 5th September. Classes will be free for the first month to allow things to bed down. No previous experience necessary.

Love this!!!