Namaste! Here is all you need to know about my practices. Very informal…no need to book just turn up! Mixed ability..take what you want from the practices…yoga is a personal journey….enjoy it!

Class Details

When? 6.30 – 8.00pm, Wednesday, Powfoot Hotel, Powfoot

 Or First Friday of the Month practices at the Wellness Centre, Galloway House, The Crichton, Dumfries 6 til 8 where we also have a once a month Saturday extended practice workshops. l Estate, Dumfries (beside the train station)

Cost : Powfoot Yoga is £7 drop-in or £30 for a class pass of 5 classes (note this isn’t a block booking, you just bring the card with you when you come and we tick it off your card. Simple!) for the Powfoot class. The 2 hour monthly class at the Wellness Hub is £10.

What do I need to bring? – Just wear loose clothes you can move around in and bring a blanket for the meditation/relaxation to keep you toastie…..

Find out more on the Yoga With Moira Facebook Group here.

Although I don’t follow one strict yoga “path” my training and own practice has been Hatha–focused.

Hatha is the oldest tradition in yoga which looks beyond the physical body and pays as much attention to the breath and the mind, as well as everything else impacting on your health such as what you eat (Ayurveda).

Occasionally I’ll introduce some Yoga Flow which links postures (Asana) with the breath which is deeelissscious… and now and again offer a Restorative Yoga practice which uses bolsters and cushions to support the body so you can just let go of holding muscles and let your support do all the work.

Either way I vary the practices to keep your attention and make it enjoyable. In the words of Forest Gump “[Yoga] is like a box of chocolates…you never know what you’re gonna get..”

So What Can I Expect ? 

An hour and a half of fun, stress-relieving yoga to leave you physically and mentally energised, whilst at the same time feeling muscles relaxed and mind totally chilled. How do we do this?

We start by a short 5 to 10 minute body/breath awareness through short meditation or pranayama (breathwork) to let you leave your day behind and bring yourself totally on to the mat….then we have the bendy/stretchy stuff (asana) which lasts about an hour but is taught in stages so you stop where you feel comfortable or work at a pace/depth that is right for you whether you are a total beginner or are more experienced in yoga. Classes are suitable for all levels and all ages/body types/physical abilities. And we end the class with more breathwork and/or meditation followed by a deeeeeeeppppppp relaxation…..Yummy……all surrounded by the scent of incense  and some lovely music to stimulate your relaxation response.