Meet Moira

Namaste! Hi, I’m Moira and I share Hatha yoga practices in Dumfries and Galloway (see Class Info page for where and when I am currently practicing), and offer Yoga for Pregnancy as well, and it is my mission to make the good people of Dumfries and Galloway fall in love with yoga too!

I’ve been practicing yoga since my children were small (they are not small anymore) but is only in recent years that I’ve began to realise the REAL benefits of yoga in my life…physically, energetically and emotionally. I came to yoga to keep fit, same way you probably did too. But it didn’t take me long to realise that there was so much more to yoga than a few backbends and leg stretches. I could feel the difference that conscious breathing, which is a core part of yoga, made, not only in helping me in and out of the postures but also to my everyday mental attitude. My oh my it is such a stress-buster! I am not only much happier in my own skin (I see huge differences in my physical ability that yoga has made) but working with the breath and meditation has also shown me that yoga is the ultimate way of “sewing” mind, body and spirit. Am sure my family benefit from me not being so stressed and shouty too!

I am not a knit-your-own-sandals yogi (although total respect if you are!). I have a job, run a house, keep the family together, lead yoga practices, try to keep up with friends, get up as many hills as I can and like to follow all of that up with a lovely glass of red wine now and again. And yoga really help me do all that, and now knits itself into my every waking minute. So it’s about much more than touching your toes!

I trained with Yoga Scotland for three years and then undertook the British Wheel of Yoga Pre- and Post-Natal advanced course. But over the years I’ve dabbled with a number of amazing teachers such as Donna Fahri, Sophy Hoare, Brad Warner (Zen Meditation), Zoe Knott and the amazing Mr Jason Crandell to name a few and 2017 will see me taking an in-depth programme of study on Ayurveda, the holistic health and lifestyle system of India. I spend as much time as I can at Samye Ling (a Buddhist monastery) which my Ayurvedic practitioner has called my “button reset” space. I hope you can make space for your own button reset time and that yoga can help you find “you”.

 “Get out of your head and get into your heart.
Think less, feel more. ”

— Osho