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First of all if you're looking at this page then I have to say, "Congratulations!!!". If you are looking for a class in Dumfries and Galloway that is safe for you and your baby then pre-natal yoga might be what you are looking for.  Your body will be going through all kinds of lovely changes as your baby grows and yoga is a wonderful way to enjoy both being pregnant and the prospect of being a new mum. Because of all of the changes, both physical and emotional, going on within you at this time, pregnancy yoga is a lovely gentle practice, adapted for you and your growing baby helping you prepare safely for labour and birth in a calm and peaceful setting. Before coming along to a class it is wise to check in with your GP and midwife to make sure it is okay for you to practice and it is best to wait until after the 12th week before joining in.  Details of classes can be found in the class timetable pages.


Hypnobirthing Celebration,
15 November , at 14:00–17:00 , Georgetown Community Centre, Dumfries

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ASANA (Postures) - these gentle moving sequences and postures can help to;

  • Keep your body aligned, particularly your spine which is going through some changes as your baby grows and needs extra support.

  • Can relieve various common problems such as heartburn and swollen ankles.

  • Can help get the baby into the right position for labour and birth and work with the pelvic muscles to tone and relax them in preparation for birth.

PRANAYAMA (Breathing Techniques) - You'll be encouraged to breathe gently and slowly in and out of the nostrils through practicing various techniques which;

  • Can help alleviate problems with shortness of breath as your baby grows.

  • Can help you relax and sleep through your pregnancy - and beyond.

  • Can be used in labour as a natural pain reliever and help get you through the contractions.

  • Can help to connect you to your baby by spending some time just focussing on nothing other than you and your baby.

RELAXATION - each class will end with a deep relaxation designed to help you release and let go. There are lots of benefits to practicing relaxation techniques in pregnancy such as;

  1. Helping to stabilise blood pressure.

  2. Can help reduce tension and any anxiety that all of these changes and thoughts of your baby can bring.

  3. Can be used to help prepare for labour and in labour itself, again for pain relief.

  4. Allowing yourself a little space in the day just for you and your growing baby to help you bond and to give you space to enjoy your pregnancy.

Some of my lovely yummy mummies and their yogi babies! ....


I have completed the British Wheel of Yoga advanced teacher training module for pregnancy yoga with Judy Cameron. But enough of that, here's a wee taster of what's in store ....  

.....and if you are on Facebook then why not have a look at our community Peaceful Pregnancy in Dumfries and Galloway. Lots of stories and information to help you have a relaxed pregnancy and birth through yoga, HypnoBirthing and other complimentary service. I work with the lovely Catherine Jackson  who teaches HypnoBirthing techniques in Dumfries & Galloway and Tara Buckel of the Therapy Rooms, Annan (Pregnancy massage). A lovely way to ease yourself into pregnancy and prepare for labour and birth.  

Some of my yoga babies had a wee reunion........

"At the end of the class you will feel both serene and peaceful, and prepared emotionally and physically for pregnancy and birth."

"I'd sincerely like to thank you for the part you played in the birth of our beautiful baby. Your classes and experience have helped so much." Penny, Lockerbie

u may have considered yoga as a way to keep fit during your pregnancy but there are so many more benefits: